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May/June 2021


Flight Path Theatre, Marrickville


Written by Emma Workman

Directed by Richard Cotter

With Tricia Youlden & Emma Dalton

Dot was once bold, strong & in control of her life.  Since her stroke, though still strong in mind, her body betrays her daily.  Liz; Dot's middle-aged daughter, is solely responsible for her mother's care & has sacrificed her own career & ambitions for the exhausting battle of appointments, pills, bills, chores & repeated demands to help her mother.  Both Dot & Liz are struggling to hear & be heard, to see & be seen.  Their world shrinks inwards as each month passes, leaving Dot dancing on the edge of the decision to set them both free.



Written by Paul Rogers

Directed by Tricia Youlden

With Richard Cotter, Mel Day, Eloise Martin-Jones & Emma Dalton

Ray Bold has lost his wife & son.  But he will never lose his fighting spirit...  and he's bloody determined not to move out of his home.  Daughter-in-law Cate has to convince this wiley old codger to move before the government resumes his property.  Big Horn takes an empathetic look at love, loss, sexual politics and ageism.  it's an amusing, poignant and whimsical story of one man's determination to hold onto his home and his past.

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